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One of three branches of the Salvatorian Family, Lay Salvatorians are men and women, inspired by Fr. Francis Jordan, who are committed to apostolic work through all ways and means.

Lay Salvatorians are dedicated people who want to live their faith more openly and share their values in their work. Central to each Lay Salvatorian's commitment is a ministry that involves working with and being of service to others in some direct and significant way.

Like the Salvatorians priests, sisters, and brothers, Lay Salvatorian ministries have a wide range -- each building on the strengths and experiences of the individual member. Lay Salvatorians minister in secular, ecumenical, and parish settings. Their work may involve teaching, parenting, working for social justice and human rights -- or wherever they feel God is calling them to proclaim the Gospel in their lives and in their work.

Our Mission

We, Lay Salvatorians in the US, sharing the vision, charism and spirituality of Father Francis Jordan and Blessed Mary of the Apostles, seek to make the Savior known by ministering in our daily work and lives. 


The original Salvatorian model, as envisioned by Father Francis Jordan and Mother Mary of the Apostles in the 1880s, was of a society of men and women -- religious, clergy, and laity. But this model was far ahead of its time and no such community yet existed in the world. The Church was reluctant to give its approval to such an untested model and the Salvatorians were directed to minister in the manner that was more familiar to the Church of the 1880s. The priests and brothers became the Society of the Divine Savior. The sisters became the Sisters of the Divine Savior. And those lay persons who had been involved in the work of Father Francis and Mother Mary could no longer be officially recognized.

When the Second Vatican Council called religious communities around the world to "return to the vision of their founders," the Salvatorian men and women could once again involve committed lay persons in their mission and ministries -- moving into the forefront of a new call from Vatican II to recognize that ministry in the Church belongs to all the baptized, not just the clergy and religious.

Our family

International Community of the Divine Savior


The Lay Salvatorians have a presence throughout the world.  Visit the International Lay site to see the impact we are making! 

Society of the Divine Savior


The Society of the Divine Savior Fathers and Brothers strive to make the Savior known through all ways and means. 

Sisters of the Divine Savior


The congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Savior,  consists of more than 1,100 Sisters in 28 countries on five continents.