Becoming lay salvatorian

Who Can Join?

Lay Salvatorians USA is an organization co-sponsored by The Society of the Divine Savior and The Congregation of The Sisters of the Divine Savior, Religious Communities within the Roman Catholic Church.

Lay Salvatorians are Catholic men and women seeking to take a more intensive role in ministry and leadership within their everyday lives. Lay Salvatorians are open to married couples (partners in marriage are encouraged but not obligated to join together) and single men and women.

Each applicant is evaluated on an individual basis. It is important that the good of the individual, the good of the local or regional Salvatorian community, and the good of all Salvatorians that their mission be kept in mind when a recommendation concerning acceptance is made.


Our formation period starts with a minimum of a year spent as an "Interested Person," or IP.  This time should include community prayer, gatherings, ministry (personal and collaborative), social events, and ongoing formation sessions. IPs can then apply to the National Board to become a Candidate. 


If the IP decides to continue onto the next step--Candidature--they enter a two year process of discernment to learn more about the Salvatorian charism, mission, history, and spirituality through a series of formation sessions presented by the community.

After completing these meetings and workshops, Candidates are presented to the Lay Salvatorian National Board for acceptance. Following acceptance, the candidate makes a public commitment to the Lay Salvatorians and their Mission. The candidate also makes known how he/she intends to carry out this mission in active ministry.