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The Lay Salvatorian Program began in the early 1970s as a small group of men and women who wanted to explore and live out the Gospel demands of ministry, service, love, and leadership by sharing more deeply in the life and work of Salvatorians. Today, there are lay members in many areas of the world where Salvatorian priests, brothers, and sisters are working. Lay Salvatorians both enrich and are enriched by the Salvatorians in their work and in their lives. Salvatorians are finally realizing the dream that Francis Jordan conceived many years ago; to mobilize the laity and religious to work together in spreading the Gospel Message.

Lay Salvatorians are Catholic men and women committed to the Salvatorian mission and charism. Some are married and have become members as a couple. Others have chosen the single lifestyle to live out their commitment. We are all ages. Some of us joined when we had young families. We are now beginning to receive second generation members as well as other young people drawn to our way of living out the Gospel Values.

We mirror our vowed counterparts in that we come from all walks of life. We are diversified in our professions as well as our ministries. We are parents, teachers, homemakers, business people, office workers, nurses, administrators, social workers, and volunteers. We minister in our jobs, in our families, and in parishes and secular settings. We also serve within the Salvatorian community itself. A very important component of being a Lay Salvatorian is close contact with other Salvatorians, both religious and lay. This is a constant source of mutual growth and support. We build community with other Salvatorians in a given locale and with the wider Society and Congregation through shared presence at Liturgies, retreats, workshops, chapters, socials, and government.

We become Lay Salvatorians because we are looking for a fuller expression of our Christianity. We receive support and are enabled and empowered in our lives as Christians. We also realize the value of religious and laity working together and feel called to further Jordan's vision through mutual evangelization. We feel that we are making a difference in the lives of other Salvatorians. The sense of community and charism as expressed by Salvatorians is important to us.

As Lay Salvatorians we commit ourselves to one another and to all Salvatorians. We share the vision and mission of the community and make a formal commitment. Interaction between religious and laity is a constant source of mutual growth and support. We have shared origins and visions in that we accept Francis Jordan's and Mother Mary's dream of working together and "spreading the word of Christ by all means possible. We also have the same sense of hospitality, acceptance, and love found in Salvatorians worldwide. While we are an integral part of the community and fully participating, canonically we do not have a vote in the government of the Society or Congregation. We also serve on committees and commissions. The governing body of the Lay Salvatorians in the United States is the Lay Salvatorian National Board. This Board provides leadership and direction and is the decision making body for the Lay Salvatorians. There is close collaboration between the Lay Salvatorian National Board and the leadership teams of the Society and Congregation.

Lay Salvatorians commit to live the Salvatorian vocation and mission as lay persons in the spirit of Father Jordan and Mother Mary. We are called to become apostles and integral members of the Salvatorian family.

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